What is a business mastermind?

A mastermind is an intimate group of successful entrepreneurs who learn from each other, support and encourage each other, share ideas and best practices, push and challenge each other, and hold each other accountable. Members of a mastermind often create a special bond that is truly both life and business changing.

How does it work?

Sarah Harrison, as the Leader of the Bright Light Masterminds, carefully selects a group of no more than 10 bricks and mortar retailers from different industries, at different stages of development, and from different communities.


This group meets monthly to review and discuss elements of running or managing a retail store based on the content developed in the

Retail Mastery System (RMS).


The meetings are virtual and last no more than 2 hours on a fixed calendar schedule. They follow an agenda which requires group participation and there is an expectation that members have come prepared by reviewing the chosen monthly RMS content.

What are the benefits?

For some, the benefits of belonging to a mastermind are huge.

The support, access to coaching, goal achievement, accountability, and the amazing ideas that come out of the mastermind process can mean a big surge in profit. Learning through shared the experiences of others means minimizing your own mistakes, leading to faster growth.

There is also the personal change that happens in such a space.

Masterminds teach you to take control of your time, work on your business rather than just in your business, and maybe even find more freedom from your business if this is your goal.

Who can join?

To join a Bright Light Mastermind, you must be a retail business owner or manager.
We have different groups for both owners and managers and while the content might be different, the structure is the same for both groups.
Participants must be growth oriented and in a positive space regarding their stores.
Everything doesn’t have to be perfect but, we want to recruit only members with open minds and a willingness
to make changes when they are needed.
A mastermind only really works if everyone agrees to actively participate with candour and integrity.
One of the key elements of a mastermind is the
Hot Seat experience. On a rotating basis, members will have a chance to present a problem or opportunity to the group for constructive feedback. This experience is often very powerful for everyone involved.
A Hot Seat is your chance to be of service to others and maybe even learn something you can implement in your own business.

You must have purchased the updated Retail Mastery System


and be willing to go through all of the content over time.

Yes, all of the content – even those modules you have been avoiding.

By joining a Bright Light Mastermind, you have our promise to help you achieve this.

Finally, there will be an initial interview with Sarah

to determine if applicants are suitable

for admission to the group. 


It is the role of the Leader to make sure that only

candidates with the best fit, those with

the right mindset, join our group. 

Our goal is to keep the Bright Light Mastermind filled with

smart, positive retail professionals.

What is your commitment?

By committing to the group, you will have done your homework and agree to participate in as many meetings as possible.  We will record each meeting so that if you are forced to miss the call due to a scheduling conflict, you will have a chance to watch the recording on our private Facebook page.

The standard term of membership is 6 months. Subject to invitation, members can renew as often as they like.

What will

you get?

You will get a lot from joining a Mastermind. At a very basic level, you will be accountable for working through all 11 components of the Retail Mastery System – think of this group as a kind of study group to help motivate you to get the work done. 

It is very hard for Retailers to find meaningful community.

And as we all work long and hard hours, time spent on our personal/professional development needs to generate results.


Participation in a Mastermind is an excellent way to find a group of mentors who experience the same challenges and opportunities that you face in your business every day.

With great council, you don’t have to figure everything out from scratch. Between meetings, you will be encouraged to participate in our private Facebook group. This is another prime forum for sharing successes or asking questions. Only Bright Light Mastermind members will have access to this page.

What does

it cost?

To begin with, you must purchase the most current version of the Retail Mastery System 

A 6-month membership in a Bright Light Mastermind will cost $600 CAD, or $120 if you prefer to pay monthly.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision to participate in our Mastermind. If you are unhappy in any way with the experience, you may cancel your membership at any time.


Your next steps



to find a simple form to complete to


You will be contacted shortly thereafter to arrange

a phone interview with Sarah.


While we can’t promise you instant admission

to a Bright Light Mastermind, we will do our best

to place you in an exceptional group as soon as possible.