Bright Light One-on-One Coaching 

Our goal with individual business coaching

is twofold:

  1.  Provide clients with focused, individual attention to help determine the best ways to achieve their vision for their business.

  2.  Create a customized action plan and support in working that plan.


This means clients get efficient, more effective results,

and get to their goals faster.

The process begins with a full assessment of a client’s business which

includes determining the greatest challenges their retail business faces and

their biggest opportunities to explore. From here, we find solutions and

work out an action plan with set goals. Sometimes this might mean finding solutions externally with the products and services of other retail experts.

But more often this just requires some dedicated time and help

to focus on what is important.

Working with a coach helps you carve out this space. One-on-one coaching

can be focused on only one or two areas of a client’s business such as re-branding or relocating, a change in merchandise planning, staff development strategies, personal time management, or building a marketing calendar.

The list of coaching topics is truly vast as owning a retail store means mastering many skill sets. Sometimes these subjects only require only a few short-term coaching sessions. For others, it might be an on-going list to be tackled over time. Both are great options.

We have a limited calendar of dates set aside for one-on-one coaching opportunities. It is important that there is a good match between both the coach and the client. Each party must be comfortable with the other as the experience can be very personal.

Rest assured, if your coaching needs can be better accommodated by another Retail Coach, Sarah will be happy to provide the introduction.

If you are interested in exploring one-on-one coaching further with Sarah,

please reach out to her directly and she will contact you to set up a call.

If together you determine this is a good match, arrangements will be made to schedule time to begin.