ABOUT Sarah Harrison

Bright Light Retail Coach

As a retail coach, Sarah Harrison is full of passion and drive but, most importantly, she knows what it means to be a hard working retailer.

In the 28 years of running her business, she has grown her stores from simple pop-up shops to a multi-million dollar operation. But it wasn’t always an easy journey: hard work, commitment, and some great mentors along the way helped Sarah achieve her dream of owning a retail business that is both profitable and fun to run.


Years of learning, growing, struggling, evolving, and finally mastering her craft, resulted in Sarah's two solidly successful stores, Coriander.




Along this journey, she taught herself to be an accomplished buyer and marketer with a thorough understanding of how to make a profit in retail. She built and led great teams as her business grew, harnessing the talents and energy of her staff to drive her business forward. Sarah learned how enjoyable this business can be once she had the right systems and people in place. Now she wants to share the secrets of her success with others; hence the development of her business, Bright Light Retail Coach.


As a lifelong learner, she has been mentored by the best – Sarah is a founding member of the Whizbang Platinum Mastermind Group, an experience that she credits for her growth as a leader and as a person. She is also a graduate of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Accelerator Program, where she had the opportunity to learn from some of the North America's most influential business minds.


Sarah is a dedicated problem solver who loves a challenge. Her unique ability to see paths forward and her talent for bringing organization and clarity to a business form the foundation for her proven track record for success.


Whether your goal is business growth, help with implementing critical business skills or even finding more freedom from your store, Sarah will illuminate a clear path to a brighter future.

Bob Negen from Whizbang Training