My name is Sarah Harrison and I love what I do as a retail coach.


At Bright Light, we work with Independent Retailers, helping them grow exceptional businesses. This means helping our clients acquire the critical business skills they need to run successful stores.  With the right focus and support, we turn shopkeepers 

into retail pros.


Our goal is to help clients find more profit in their stores and more freedom in their lives. And in doing so, help them sleep better at night.

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Most retailers love what they do. However, in the words of one wise pet store owner, puppy kisses don’t pay the bills. Working with a retail coach can turn your passion into competence. Sometimes a little focus is all it takes to find the solution to a problem or to explode an opportunity.

Bright Light will help you find the space to focus on what is important to your business.

The process is inspiring. I listen to my clients and, together, we generate ideas and set goals. Next, we develop structure, harness resources, and work the plan.

As a coach, I promise to keep you focused on these goals until you achieve the results you want.


Along this journey, Bright Light will show you the way to more

profit & freedom.

How does that sound to you?

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